We received a grant for the project "Innovative means of motor vehicles and ground infrastructure de- icing."


On 21st May 2014 Chemical Advisory and Trade Ltd. signed the contract regarding financing no. POIG 01.04.00-14-067/13 within the Innovative Economy Operating Programme, action no. 1.4 for doing the project "Innovative means of motor vehicles and ground infrastructure de-icing".

Total value of the project: 15 305 914,82 PLN
Value of the granted financing: 8 984 675,92 PLN
Project realization period: 01.06.2014 - 31.12.2015

The subject of this project is drawing up of formulae and technologies of obtaining of two liquid substances for motor vehicles de- icing, based on the polypropylene glycol- water system of the type I and II according to SAE classification as well as one solid substance for ground infrastructure de- icing, based on sodium salt of formic acid. The project involves obtaining of two substances enabling effective motor vehicles and ground infrastructure de- icing in winter seasons as well as protecting them from re- icing up. The new products will include simultaneously a package of inhibitors enabling effective anticorrosive protection of elements made from various metals and their alloys as well as metals covered with plating. Our innovative products will be characterized by the composition which let classifying them as easily biodegradable, thus having a positive effect on the natural environment. The products obtained during the project realization will not include triazols, nitrites, nitrates, nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) which pose particular risks to the environment.

The main aim of this project is to carry out research and developmental works leading to drawing up of formula and technologies of obtaining of innovative products for motor vehicles and ground infrastructure de-icing as well as testing their quality in accordance with AMS 1424, AMS 1428, AMS 1431 and ASTM norms.