We received a grant for the project "Innovative means of motor vehicles and ground infrastructure de- icing."


De-icing fluids

At present, research into drawing up formula for de-icing fluids based on the polypropylene glycol - water system is being carried out.

The biggest problem in the winter season lies in appropriate preparing both aircraft for flights and runways for safe take-off and touch- down. It is necessary to apply chemicals that effectively remove ice and prevent re- icing up, being at the same time completely safe for both aircraft and runways. In winter months snow, ice and hoarfrost must be removed from aircraft as both its sustentation and aerodynamic properties would be seriously deformed. The surface of runways and its condition is permanently controlled with the use of both early warning systems for icing up and special monitoring vehicles. Due to increasing number of new airports as well as permanent rebuilding existing ones, the demand for motor vehicles and ground infrastructure de-icing chemicals is very huge and it is constantly bigger and bigger.