We received a grant for the project "Innovative means of motor vehicles and ground infrastructure de- icing."

About us

Who are we?

We are a group of visionaries open to new challenges, whose passion is creating and carrying out concepts and ideas. That is why we founded an innovative company acting in the chemical sector, focused on conducting research and development work as well as selling chemical products. We are not afraid of risk. Contemporary world is not just competition, it is also cooperation among many fields of human activity. It is the time of building new qualities based on such cooperation. Knowledge, experience and skilled combining of business and science in any possible areas of cooperation are the factors which determine our potential. Our experts are top- class chemical and business trades specialists.

We carry out our own research projects in cooperation with science circles. We also offer a consulting service to entrepreneurs helping them draw up a complete research and development work concept. We invite you to join in a cooperation both within new EU financial projects for years 2014- 2020 and as part of local programs funding research and development projects.