We received a grant for the project "Innovative means of motor vehicles and ground infrastructure de- icing."

About us

What do we do?

We coordinate doing research projects as well as their realization. We act in niche trades of the chemical industry, creating added value for our projects. Our action is oriented to implementation of laboratory work results on a production scale. We search for new directions of development by cooperating with leading academic centres. We have knowledge and we can find for it practical applications in the industry. We help raise competitiveness by skilled industry property management.

We enlisted top class specialists and experts’ cooperation. They provide legal help, mainly within the scope of intellectual property. Experience and scientific potential of the leading research centres cooperating with us guarantee successful realization of the most demanding and innovative projects.

We provide support in the field of industrial property within the scope of gaining exclusive rights to patents, utility models as well as industrial patterns.

Our action brought first notable effects - our project "Innovative means of motor vehicles and ground infrastructure de-icing" was given granted financing within the Innovative Economy Operating Programme, action no. 1.4.